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Sunday, 21-Oct-2007 06:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark

this site will be substitute by a new site : www.lngsng.com

there will be more constant pictures and updates on www.lngsng.com

my fotopages will still be up, but gonna be less active here....

Friday, 21-Sep-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Retro Days.

our Tamiya toolbox.
"Sea Battle"
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cleared my room and threw away tons of unwanted... and rediscovered some of the interesting stuff too. reminder of the good old days.

Tamiya cars, Revesi, "Sea Battle" are games Seng and me used to enjoy. tweaking the motor was his forte. needless to say, he always beat me in most games.

arcades were our fave spot after school. spending $5 per visit for the tokens was hefty for us. we will never miss out Daytona, some little cheap tricks Seng always know. not to forget the video games - Metal Slug and Street Fighter.... i am always W-O-L-S....

i still have some E-Zone tokens left..... where are the E-Zones now ? the famous arcade that allowed gamers to redeem gifts when we had accumulated certain credits... except for the one at Cineleisure, which the games are old and boring...

also found an old-school electronic dictionary... the second gadget of my life then after Gameboy. because i knew the story "Pinochio" isn't true, bet my life and told my parents this will definitely improve my English language tremendously...

as kids, we are really good at spending and "squandering" parents' money...... hehehehe...

Friday, 27-Jul-2007 02:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ShenZhen '07

Hello ShenZhen..!
food stalls in ShenZhen
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first time to ShenZhen was an eye-opener. the culture and the society was quite difference from SG. one of the largest mega-cities in the world, ShenZhen is home to more than 11 million people. thus, poverty is no exception. kids here are much better off....

there are a night me and gohgoh was walking along the street (Hua Qiang area), this little girl suddenly tagged along with us. begging for sales of her flowers in hand, she was filthy and tiny. we declined, the more desperate she was. we noticed her glancing to somewhere all the time, as if someone was watching out for her "performance". true enough, there was a woman sitting not far gestering for the girl to "keep going",

the little girl went into fits of exasperation and clutched on tightly to gohgoh's leg ! it did not matter if she was dragged along the dirty street full of humans' spits. she begged, almost in tears.

we wanted to help.... but not this way of help. the woman may not be the mother of the little girl. children with bunch of flowers in their hands begging for sales are very commom sight in ShenZhen. are these children under the exploitation of some adult organization ? i hope something can be done to help these street kids...

Sunday, 20-May-2007 15:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Goodbye Phantom. We (I) will miss you.

1st time, no guts to ask him for solo shot.
2nd time - priceless.
it's Phantom of the Opera final show tonight at Esplanade, feeling kind of down about it. i can't believe that i will come that close and personal to POTO.... seeing Brad Little upclose and personal - 3 times in a month. he is defnitely the cutest phantom ever.

the 1st time i met him -i was too shy, too smitten, and too gutless to ask him for an autograph and personal shoot. suddenly all seems scary when you saw the real person. so full of regret, went back home and thought that i will never see him upclose again.

the 2nd time was a little better (the best in fact) - Brad Little agreed to meet us (and phans from overseas) for a dinner. darn. i couldn't believe my ears when Jayine broke the news to me. We had a really good time.

3rd time - i think im in love . Brad Little held my hand, gave me a goodbye hug. i still have yet gotten over it.

the show was really fantastic with tinge of comedy that night (19th). according to Jayine (who had seen the show 3 times), we had the best "Christine" that night. Anna Marie was her name i think. she sang good, needless to say so was Brad Little.

if i am lucky, i will see Brad Little's show in Korea next year.

i am especialy thankful to Drago who bought the tickets, knowing that i would love this show. and Jayine for all the possibilities with Brad Little.

this is the nice and warm Phantom who had caught the hearts with his emotional acting and singing.

here's some videos by Fishlady @ youtube, Dinner with B.L. at Gluttons' Bay:


Wednesday, 24-Jan-2007 15:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beautiful Batu Pahat '07

where wukong resides, rain again...
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firstly.... let's pray for rain to stop pouring over the rural kampung areas in Malaysia... my friends and relatives who had been badly affected...

before school starts next week, drago organized a trip to BP. i wanted something un-urban it's a pity that i forgot to bring my cammie along, thus all the shots here are taken by SE W710i.... not bad quality ~

it was pratically raining the whole day. we tried to visit a friend who happened to live in an "ulu" kampung area,,, which was badly affected by floods. you see kids trying to catch fishes, mothers carrying their babies, men in boats, and some scavenging for goods floating about in the water... despite there are pretty big canals at both sides of the roads, it's stagnant - not going anywhere. on second thought, most might blame it on the bad drainage system... but hey... we went to the kelong nearby, thinking the flood could be worst there. guess what ? look at the picture below..... coast was cleared. no flood, nothing. if we had realised earlier.... rubbish is the actual culprit.... no concrete evidence to what i claim here.... but even without bio eyes + some common sense.... rubbish is floating everywhere.

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